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Southern Musician Showcase

Modern. Southern. Music. A&R and panelist for Southern Musician Showcase. “Music is fundamental to the Southern lifestyle, and has an incredible influence on fashion,” says Jon Pollack, Belk’s executive vice president of marketing, sales promotion and eCommerce. “The showcase will give us the chance to highlight musicians from the South or influenced by the South, and to give them the opportunity of a lifetime.” -Charlotte Business Journal

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2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show

National media director, local marketing and activation.

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Transforming The Buying & Selling of Traditional Media

“Buying local advertising like radio, print, tv and outdoor has remained virtually unchanged for decades. Savveo thinks it’s time to create a new way to buy advertising and is building an online marketplace from the ground up to bring buyers and sellers of media together to take the headache, and the overhead, out of buying media.” Consultant role. Director of Agency Services.

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NoDa Grand Prix 2013 from La Storia on Vimeo.

Noda Grand Prix

Sports marketing.

A full day of criterium racing in Charlotte’s historic arts district wrapped in an outdoor festival complete with food and live music. The events last into the evening, culminating in an epic twilight professional race through the bar and restaurant-lined streets of NoDa. Concept. Execution. Marketing. Sponsorship. Event management. All images via Michael C. Hernandez.

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John Varvatos

Brand partnership.

A fun project. Worked together with Whitesmith Entertainment to launch the new Urge Overkill album in conjunction with John Varvatos. Included live performance at the Bowery location, and exclusive online album stream. Artist partnership. Client lead. Event management. *project completed while at Mood Media

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Qdoba x SXSW

Brand activation.

Event activation with Qdoba and Paste Magazine in Austin. Concept. Artist partnership. Talent acquisition. Project management. Sponsorship. All images by Joey Richey. *project completed while at Mood Media.

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GlobalShop & Pete Wentz

Live event.

Speaking engagement and DJ appearance as a component of Mood Media’s larger scale GlobalShop presence. Project lead. Talent acquisition & management. *project completed while at Mood Media

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The General George Squier Brainery

Live event.

Brands, like people, have their own style. A flair that makes them unique. A well-executed brand is something consumers trust, aspire to, seek out and use to signal who they are and what they value. But it can’t be a monologue. Successful brands understand that music can connect them with their audience in a way that nothing else can. Music is a difference maker. It has the power to communicate, evoke emotion and create memories. Music can bring energy, theater and personality to the experience your brand creates.

Muzak, the world’s leading provider of music, messaging and branded sensory media, was celebrating three quarters of a century in business. As part of the planned events commemorating the 75th anniversary, Muzak hosted its first industry conference devoted to music and branding. The two-day event at the North Carolina Music Factory was named The General George Squier Brainery: A Focused Discussion on the Art, Science & Sound of Music Branding. Concept. Team lead. Talent acquisition. Panel curation. Industry relations. All images courtesy of Benjamin Eppes. *project completed while at Mood Media

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SoBe Spring Break Tour

Strategic music licensing.

“A two-week, 48-campus tour that sent four pairs of ambassadors in custom-built Spring Break sampling vehicles, zigzagging across the country. Each vehicle was outfitted with a touch screen digital mood music player featuring playlists reflective of SoBe’s Flavors with Benefits categories, so students could choose tunes based on their mood.” -EVENTMARKETER.COM Served as music subject matter export for Motive in collaboration with their support of the SoBe Spring Break Tour. Leveraged Mood Media’s development team as well as our licensing capabilities to concept and put into action the SoBe Mood Board. Concept. Strategic music licensing. Project management. *project completed while at Mood Media.

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Strategic music licensing.

Worked hand in hand with music team to hand pick on brand music for 4 looks in Sephora holiday ipad catalog. Artist relations. A&R. Strategic licensing. Project management. *project completed while at Mood Media

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Bonefish Grill

Customer Loyalty.

Compilation project featuring 11 artists, legendary and emerging for customer loyalty program. 600,000 pieces mailed to customers along with $10 gift card. Combined with curated monthly featured artist program and streaming web player to reinforce brand audio identity beyond the 4 walls of the restaurant. A&R, licensing, mastering, production, project management and fulfillment. *project completed while at Mood Media